Registration: The guest or other people entering the campsite must present themselves at the Reception with a valid identification document with a photograph, for themselves and for each member of their nucleus, for the purposes of legal registration. Registered persons will be given the identification bracelet, which is mandatory, personal and non-transferable; allows immediate identification and can avoid repeated and annoying checks by our staff who monitor our safety. It allows you to reduce the phenomena of illegal and unrelated persons who without any title, use the services paid by you and exclusively intended for you. The Guest is required to check the accuracy of the registrations, to report any discrepancy to the Management and to notify in advance the changes such as the change of pitch, the presumed length of stay, the arrival and departure of people (failure to comply with this provision will result in forfeiture of the exemption from payment for the period of absence and the payment of the due tourist tax).

Visitors: The Management reserves the right to allow the entry of visitors and guests during the foreseen daytime hours, exclusively on foot without animals following the delivery of an identity document, with a short-term permit (maximum 1 hour), compatibly with the period and the organizational needs of the Campsite. If the visitor / guest extends his visit, he is required to pay the rate as per the price list. The customer is required to ensure that their visitors are in possession of the authorization of the Management and is responsible for their behavior within the campsite. It is strictly forbidden for outsiders to enter the campsite. People who are surprised without authorization will be reported for trespassing pursuant to art. 614 of the c.p.

Car: It is allowed to enter the campsite with only one vehicle for each pitch / mobile home. The entry of more cars is allowed only for loading / unloading, after which they will have to park in the special parking area any second cars will be counted as extra cars. The speed of vehicles inside the tourist complex must not exceed 5 km / hour.

Accommodation: The pitch and the housing unit are assigned by the Reception. For obvious internal organization reasons, it is absolutely forbidden to move from the assigned seat without authorization; the occupation of a pitch other than the one assigned is allowed only with the express written authorization of the Reception. Out of respect for neighbors, for safety reasons and in order not to spoil the natural aesthetics typical of a campsite, all equipment must be neatly placed within the boundaries of the pitch or in the space adjacent to the accommodation; Any additional sheets or tarpaulins are not particularly welcome due to their bad environmental insertion.

Check-out: Departure: The customer must leave the accommodation on the last day of stay, within the following times: – by 12.00, if equipped with a camper, caravan or tent; – by 10.00, if staying at home mobile. Stays beyond the established time are allowed only in exceptional cases of force majeure or if agreed in advance with the Management.

Payment: the payment of the stay must be made no later than the day before the date of departure, except for payment within two days of arrival in the event of a reservation or any advance payment requested by the Management at its sole discretion.

Animals: dogs are allowed on the pitch on condition that they are not left unattended and do not disturb the peace of others; they are forbidden in the housing units, on the beach, on the playground; they must be kept on a leash and accompanied outside the campsite for their physiological hygiene needs.

Safety: With reference to the new regulations for fire prevention, the caravan / tent must be placed in the center of the pitch, leaving the area bordering the other pitches free by at least one meter in order to maintain a minimum distance of two meters from the neighboring housing unit. We remind you that the car must necessarily be parked in the parking area. The new fire prevention legislation emphasizes the utmost attention to gas cylinders which must not be exposed to the sun and only one per pitch is allowed. The camper must check the gas connection pipe frequently. The use of the charcoal barbecue is allowed only if a safe distance is maintained from the housing unit, do not disturb neighbors, do not damage the ground, pay close attention to the fire.


Silence: Please respect the silence from 23.00 to 08.00. At any time it is bu