Orta San Giulio

The pearl of Lake Orta

Orta has always been loved by poets, painters, royal families and captains of industry. Today the medieval village of Orta San Giulio has just as much charm for those who love peace and tranquility, its mysterious, almost spiritual aura. The Island of San Giulio is dominated by its splendid basilica and a Benedictine abbey inhabited by silent nuns who benevolently watch over the Via del Silenzio where the writings of the Mother Abbess Anna Maria Canopi dispense profound thoughts that teach us about the powers of Silence and Meditation .

Lake Orta, with its 13.4 km long and 2.5 km wide, is an authentic gem set between the greenery of the Alps and Piedmontese woods, the small quiet cousin of the majestic Lake Maggiore. The shores of the lake are dotted with small picturesque villages, ancient villages and marinas that document the life of fishermen, once the most numerous inhabitants of Lake Orta. Today, however, they tell modern stories of sports boats and ports, of quality international tourism.

Orta is an ideal destination for families, couples looking for a romantic place to relax, sports lovers, extreme and gentle, young and old who love nature and its energy..